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Reservation Rules

Reservation Rules : Applicable for the 2008-09 admission process

Category of Reservation
Percentage of Reservation

Scheduled Castes and Schedule caste converts to Buddhism ( SC)


Schedule Tribes (ST)
Vimukta Jatis (VJ)/De notified Tribes( DT) (NT-A)
Nomadic Tribes 1 (NT-B)
Nomadic Tribes 2 (NT-C)
Nomadic Tribes 3 (NT-D)
Other Backward classes (OBC)
  • The reservation for backward class candidates shall not be available in Unaided Minority colleges.
  • The reservation for backward class candidates shall be available in Unaided Non-Minority colleges and it will be 50% of MS CAP seats.
  • Reservation for backward class candidate i.e. 50% as stated above shall be available in Government, Government Aided Institutes, University Dept. and University Managed Institutes.
  • Candidates belonging to Special Backward Class (SBC) will be offered reservation up to 2% seats of the seats available for Maharashtra candidates which are coming under the purview of the Competent Authority subject to condition that any seats remain vacant in the reserved category at the end of stage–I of allotment. These seats are carved out during the allotment stage-I and no separate seats are earmarked before the start of the allotment process.
  • Even if the candidate belonging to Backward Class Category secures admission against a seat belonging to the General category by virtue of merit, such candidate has to produce all the necessary documents in support of the category claimed both at the time of admission and while filling up of the CAP admission form.
  • All OMS candidates are treated as GENERAL/OPEN candidates and are not eligible to claim reservation for Backward class category candidate.

Other Reservations :

Reservation for Female candidates:

As per the provisions in Govt. Resolution No. GEC-1000/ (123/2000)/ Tech. Edu.-1, dated 17th April, 2000, 30% seats available for MS-CAP shall be reserved for female candidates in all the courses of the institutions coming under CAP.

This reservation shall be applicable for General, SC, ST, DT/VJ(NT-A), NT-B, NT-C, NT-D and OBC categories. Seats reserved for Female candidates are available under both the 70% Home University seats and 30% Other than Home University seats coming under the CAP. There shall be no reservation for Female candidates under Defence, Physically Handicapped and SBC categories.

IMPORTANT: All such candidates who fail to substantiate claims made (such as reservation category, PH, Defence etc.) with supporting necessary documents shall be converted to GENERAL category and/or such applications will be rejected as the case may be. Once such candidates are converted to GENERAL category and they will have to fulfill the minimum eligibility criteria as set out for a GENERAL category candidate.

Reservation for sons / daughters of Defence service personnel:
Five (5) per cent seats of the total sanctioned intake for an institute, subject to a maximum of five (5) seats in each institute coming under CAP shall be reserved
1) Children of ex- service personnel who are domiciled in Maharashtra State (DEF-1).
2) Children of active service personnel who are domiciled in Maharashtra State (DEF-2).
3) Children of active service personnel (DEF-3) –
4) Who are transferred to Maharashtra State but are not domiciled in Maharashtra State,
5) Who are not domiciled in Maharashtra State but their families are stationed in Maharashtra State under the provision of retention of family accommodation at the last duty station on grounds of children’s education provided further that, such candidate should have appeared and passed the HSC (Std.XII) examination of Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education or its equivalent examination from a school/college situate in the State of Maharashtra.

These seats are within the sanctioned intake capacity and are available as State Level seats. A combined single merit list of all eligible DEF1, DEF2 & DEF3 candidates shall be prepared.

Admission against the Defence category seats will be made strictly on the basis of inter se merit of combined single merit list of all eligible DEF1, DEF2 & DEF3 candidates.
Reservation for Physically Handicapped Candidates:
As per the provisions in Clause 39 of Equal Opportunities, Protection of Rights and Full Participation Act 1995, three (3) per cent seats of total sanctioned intake capacity of all the institutions coming under CAP shall be reserved for physically handicapped candidates.
1) visually impaired (blind) candidates (P1)
2) speech & hearing impaired (deaf & dumb) candidates, (P2)
3) Orthopedic disorders, learning disabilities, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphica, Spastic (P3).
Allotment of the seats reserved for the Physically Handicapped candidates shall be done on the basis of a single combined merit list of such candidates. These seats are available in 70% Home University area seats only.

Note: It should be noted that the physically handicapped candidates on admission to Engineering / Technology degree course will not be given any exemptions or additional facilities in the academic activities other than those which may be provided by the respective Universities.

Reservation of seats for the candidates belonging to the Maharashtra-Karnataka Border (Disputed area) MS Type-F candidates-
A certain number of seats are reserved for the candidates belonging to the Maharashtra-Karnataka Border (disputed area) i.e. MS Type-F candidates. Total 25 seats are reserved for the MS type-F candidates. The details such as the list of unaided institutes, courses in which these seats are earmarked is generally specified in admission brochure .
Note: MS Type-F (MKB) candidates will be eligible for admission only against the seats reserved for such candidates. Such candidates will not be able to participate in the CAP for MS (Type A-E) candidates

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